bolsa pt II

bolsa pt II

the unzipped newbury: new york comes to dallas


bolsa pt I

bolsa pt I

614 west davis street
dallas, texas 75208

i’m eating the brunch burger (unrivaled… shout out fried egg and slab of bacon). i’m wearing escada sleeveless sweater from the $5 bin at uptown consignment on cole avenue (check the shop’s twitter @couturestyle for updates), rag & bone cut-off denim shorts, rag & bone beat up newbury boots in ivory suede.

let me begin by saying i just absolutely adore bolsa. from the time i decided to move to dallas and came down on an apartment hunting excursion and my roommate took me to bolsa, i have been unashamedly hooked. however, sunday was just scorching. (i even agreed not to photograph my companions as it was so sticky they were embarrassed to be pictured), and my photo was taken pre-indulgent-and-exceedingly-sweaty-brunch

that said, extreme sport conditions aside, the food remained top-tier. i better know i’m going to bolsa about a week prior so that i can begin to store some kcals in anticipation. the mere fact that people were queuing for an hour-plus in 105 degree heat (and bishop arts is sadly lacking in the whole shade/cool-waiting-space concept) to sit on a 105-degree patio speaks volumes for bolsa’s pull

the atmosphere is electric. families, chic and trendy couples, dallas’ versions of carrie, samantha, miranda, and charlotte… everyone is welcomed, and found, at bolsa, chomping on massive meals but feeling ok about doing so, given that the incredible chefs and concept people insist on locally-sourced organic ingredients. the space itself is quirky and fun, a truly unique hideout amidst its innumerable competitors

cafe izmair pt II

cafe izmair pt II

i’m wearing isabel marant cropped top from tenet in southampton, severed levi’s (formerly boyfriend jeans from urban outfitters), and dvf suede pumps (clever take on the manolo blahnik bb for a fraction of the price. although the bb is still far more gorgeous), and carrying a billy reid leather iPad case (shown here as a clutch). she’s wearing j.crew pants & denim top, j.crew sandals, dannijo jewelry, and carrying celine

cafe izmair pt I

cafe izmair pt I

cafe izmair
3711 greenville avenue
dallas, texas 75206

she eats large greek chabouli salad. she glams with the favourite of chic parisian babes, (yves… still in my heart) saint laurent rouge pur couture. makes us feel like we are strolling the champs elysees and smoking gitanes

but, cafe izmair is a hot second away from another world, (in my mind the ideal would be chomping (or daintily munching a baguette and staring longingly up at the atelier of jean paul gaultier). sunday nights, the cafe has $4 glasses of red wine-based sangria & chopped fruit. my companion swears she received all of her fruit & veggie servings in a single glass

izmair is a favourite of locals young & old, rich & poor. i’ll never forget going home with my uber-cultured roommate at boarding school, only to be lectured by her even more cultured father on the benefits of a truly great ethnic restaurant. cafe izmair checks all his tried-and-true food snob boxes. the authenticity pours out of every dish, every drink, every word the waiters speak. (and on my birthday, they brought us a free bottle of wine and a sharpie for all my girls to sign in memory of our evening)

hg sply co. redux pt II

hg sply co. redux pt II

i’m wearing rag & bone cutoffs, rag & bone cotton tank, cleaver necklace at we are 1976 (henderson st, dallas), faux lizard booties at zara

she’s wearing black maxi, lucky brand wedges, giant tote bag by louis vuitton (another contribution to the L’s of dallas, along with gender-bending favourite lululemon… more on these phenomena later)

the rooftop bar proved itself a viable and valuable alternative for those, like myself, who prefer standing room and are jilted by a number of uptown bars, packed to the brim, watering hole-like spots. supposedly, as a cherry on top of the outrageously mouthwatering views of the dallas skyline, HG Sply will soon be playing host to a friendly alternative to the bourgeoise brunch spots that have dominated the dallas social market to date. long tables and lounge-y cabana-like rooms will reportedly be lined with fresh fruit juices for a make-your-own-mimosa bar, and it’s a prime area to meet, greet, mingle, and branch out of one’s comfort zone. we met a number of outlandish people, and can’t wait to go back and expand our little black books, and our tastebuds

hg sply co redux

hg sply co redux

2008 greenville avenue
dallas, texas 75206

our second journey to this tyke (opened about a month ago) of a restaurant was even more enjoyable than our first. a very hip, stunning waitress with bomb-ass skin (read: etherial glowing) presented us with some Original Sin and cochonita nachos, complete with a gluten-free pita chip base topped with a mound of avocados and pulled pork. i was absolutely popping by the time we hit the bottom layer of pita, but managed to balance the cals with some baby spinach, kale, and quinoa salad . please note, waitress prefaced this dish with: “ummm, i hope you REALLY like kale”, and luckily, i do. the dish was a bit dry but it made me feel like i was giving my body some well-deserved positive affirmation. that’s what’s up.