Inverted Edge x The Style Voyager Giveaway Part I

i’m so into this jacket it’s unreal.

also, see Zara Woman for some insane finds. lust.

Inverted Edge x The Style Voyager Giveaway Part I.


dallas fish market

dallas fish market

dallas fish market

1501 Main Street
Dallas, Texas 75201

she wears (not pictured, as my super-chic companion is camera shy): Brunello Cucinelli chocolate brown t-shirt dress (THE must-have designer for anyone, particularly if you are over 40 and want to look casual-chic without a thought – look at Neiman Marcus or Stanley Korshak for this pricey but fabulous– please believe me, the ROI will give and give), nude Wolford fishnets, and pre-fall 2013 alexander wang flats

we eat: the Japanese Plate (miso broiled shrimp, tuna roll, tempura fried vegetables, and green salad)

the dallas fish market is an absolute gem. recently featured in Dallas Magazine’s top 100 restaurants, it is beginning to receive the credit it’s due. the decor is chic and minimal, yet not at all uncomfortable. it didn’t worry me that i may order a salad and receive a stalk of asparagus, like some of its peers in new york or los angeles. i was sold from the moment our attentive (high points) brought out the complementary homemade jalapeno biscuit with maple butter. the Japanese plate, too, paid out major dividends (including leftovers for me to take home and remind myself why i have to return to this hideaway spot for a power lunch asap).