bolsa pt I

bolsa pt I

614 west davis street
dallas, texas 75208

i’m eating the brunch burger (unrivaled… shout out fried egg and slab of bacon). i’m wearing escada sleeveless sweater from the $5 bin at uptown consignment on cole avenue (check the shop’s twitter @couturestyle for updates), rag & bone cut-off denim shorts, rag & bone beat up newbury boots in ivory suede.

let me begin by saying i just absolutely adore bolsa. from the time i decided to move to dallas and came down on an apartment hunting excursion and my roommate took me to bolsa, i have been unashamedly hooked. however, sunday was just scorching. (i even agreed not to photograph my companions as it was so sticky they were embarrassed to be pictured), and my photo was taken pre-indulgent-and-exceedingly-sweaty-brunch

that said, extreme sport conditions aside, the food remained top-tier. i better know i’m going to bolsa about a week prior so that i can begin to store some kcals in anticipation. the mere fact that people were queuing for an hour-plus in 105 degree heat (and bishop arts is sadly lacking in the whole shade/cool-waiting-space concept) to sit on a 105-degree patio speaks volumes for bolsa’s pull

the atmosphere is electric. families, chic and trendy couples, dallas’ versions of carrie, samantha, miranda, and charlotte… everyone is welcomed, and found, at bolsa, chomping on massive meals but feeling ok about doing so, given that the incredible chefs and concept people insist on locally-sourced organic ingredients. the space itself is quirky and fun, a truly unique hideout amidst its innumerable competitors


Luxe Leftovers

Luxe Leftovers

Uptown Consignment

4152 Cole Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75204

some might scoff at the idea of shopping consignment, but the adorable sisters camille and connie (the latter of Big Rich Texas) bring extreme relevance to the consignment culture. the first time i stepped into the admittedly cluttered (but not in a grandmother’s-attic sort of way. unless you’re lucky enough to have a grandmother who discards snakeskin Gucci pumps and barely-handled Birkins) shop, i was in shopgirl heaven. this kind of environment just gets my blood boiling. in so many ways, it’s freer than any other fashion outlet i’ve encountered thus far (of course, each has its value and personality and charm).

vibe: inspiring. allows for freeform expression- i tried on this stunning Jean Paul Gaultier trench/dress (not really sure which… hence, the freedom to choose!) and couldn’t bear to take it off. instead, Tim and I spent absolutely ages lamenting Gaultier’s craftmanship and extreme understanding of the female form, playing with the cuffs and the collar.

in the two hours i spent with camille and tim (pictured) and their massive closet compiled from the remnants of well-lived lives, i learned more about design and about the ideas and cuts and fits than i’ve learned in my 24 years of consuming and admiring in the finest stores across the country. i learned how Karl Lagerfeld designs differently for Fendi than for Chanel, how Dolce and Gabbana have evolved in their cuts and in their choice of fabric and design… where else can one handle a garment from 1985 and from 2012 by the same designer?! it’s a fashion history billowing around your hips and it’s absolutely sultry.

even better? the $5 sale that happens loosely at the end of each fashion season. people of all ages and all socioeconomic persuasions were shopping beside me, asking each other questions and advice. (i left with 9 pieces, including the most beautiful Escada cashmere, a nameless branded cashmere and faux fur jacket, and a gorgeous fitted Akris button-down) for $45… i felt like i was stealing. by the end of my admittedly languid, exciting, giggle-filled session, women were lounging on the velvet-covered couches, some selling furs to Camille (i can’t wait to go back and fight Tim for the mink), others participating in friends’ debates (“Valentino or Fendi?!”). it felt like a fashion party that transcended the decades