hg sply co redux

hg sply co redux

2008 greenville avenue
dallas, texas 75206

our second journey to this tyke (opened about a month ago) of a restaurant was even more enjoyable than our first. a very hip, stunning waitress with bomb-ass skin (read: etherial glowing) presented us with some Original Sin and cochonita nachos, complete with a gluten-free pita chip base topped with a mound of avocados and pulled pork. i was absolutely popping by the time we hit the bottom layer of pita, but managed to balance the cals with some baby spinach, kale, and quinoa salad . please note, waitress prefaced this dish with: “ummm, i hope you REALLY like kale”, and luckily, i do. the dish was a bit dry but it made me feel like i was giving my body some well-deserved positive affirmation. that’s what’s up.