cafe izmair pt I

cafe izmair pt I

cafe izmair
3711 greenville avenue
dallas, texas 75206

she eats large greek chabouli salad. she glams with the favourite of chic parisian babes, (yves… still in my heart) saint laurent rouge pur couture. makes us feel like we are strolling the champs elysees and smoking gitanes

but, cafe izmair is a hot second away from another world, (in my mind the ideal would be chomping (or daintily munching a baguette and staring longingly up at the atelier of jean paul gaultier). sunday nights, the cafe has $4 glasses of red wine-based sangria & chopped fruit. my companion swears she received all of her fruit & veggie servings in a single glass

izmair is a favourite of locals young & old, rich & poor. i’ll never forget going home with my uber-cultured roommate at boarding school, only to be lectured by her even more cultured father on the benefits of a truly great ethnic restaurant. cafe izmair checks all his tried-and-true food snob boxes. the authenticity pours out of every dish, every drink, every word the waiters speak. (and on my birthday, they brought us a free bottle of wine and a sharpie for all my girls to sign in memory of our evening)


dallas museum of art

dallas museum of art

still reeling after a recent visit to the dallas museum of art to see the much-anticipated Cindy Sherman exhibit. the museum itself is breathtaking, and apparently the whole city is captivated.

sunday afternoon, the marbled entryway was teeming with people of all ages and affiliations (i saw a girl in circa 1980 Yves Saint Laurent platforms and teetered on my own heels to try and catch a snapshot of her, but sadly, YSL continues to remain evasive).

i made my way (quite slowly, might I add… I was swayed by nearly every corridor of art of all genres, from ancient Eastern buddhas to contemporary American drawings) to the Cindy Sherman exhibit and i am beyond happy that i did. first of all, the layout was impeccable. having studied darkroom photography and learned to hang shows, i know enough to appreciate how well the pieces were “merchandised”. the photography itself made me breathless, particularly her black & white film stills. these pieces just lived and breathed emotion, and i could picture myself as the girl in every situation. that’s what Sherman’s work does for women. it allow them to retain compassion and to gain empathy for those in other, perhaps less familiar, circumstances.

written on the wall beside one of Sherman’s now infamous fashion photographs: “Fashion… a daily form of masquerade that communicates culture, gender, and class has been a constant source of inspiration for Sherman and a leading ingredient in the creation of her work… (Sherman’s) fashion pictures challenge the industry’s conventions of beauty and grace…”

the works of cindy sherman, in all completely self-reflective and dripping with psychological and societal observations both intrusive and subtle, proved a perfect (albeit too brief) affair for the DMA.


i’m wearing vintage valentino (thank you Uptown Consignment)

joyce, with DMA, and her rings

Dallas Sites exhibit entrance (showcasing the art selected for the ill-fated Texas trip of JFK and Jackie O)